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For inquiries, please agree with the letter of consent based on JIS Q 15001 and fill in the inquiry form.

  Notification and Letter of Consent Regarding the Handling of Personal Information Included in the Inquiries
Personal information included in inquiries shall be handled accordingly. Please contact us based upon your agreement with the following.

  1. The personal information of the applicant making inquiries shall be used solely for the response to inquiries.
  2. The personal information shall be handled solely by parties in charge of inquiries. IRC does not provide such documents or outsource its recruitment activities to any third party.
  3. IRC shall take all possible measures to ensure the security of the personal information of the applicant making inquiries.
  4. IRC may not respond to inquiries or the Company’s responses may not be provided to an applicant making inquiries unless such personal information has been provided.
  5. Applicants making inquiries can ask for the disclosure of their own personal information stored by IRC. In the case of any incorrect contents found in such personal information, an applicant can ask the Company to correct or delete such information. For a request to correct or remove personal information, please contact the party in charge listed under “Inquiries” below.
  6. Personal information provided upon inquiries shall be discarded by the party in charge of inquiries in an appropriate manner.

The IR Corporation Co., Ltd.
Makoto Miyairi, General Administration
 Tel: +81-3-5573-3211


After agreeing with the abovementioned, please click the “Agree” button. When clicking “Disagree” or “Go back,” readers will be referred to the previous page.