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Corporate Brochures

Corporate Brochures provide long-term perspective on a company. In contrast, Annual Reports are by definition issued yearly and designed to report detailed financial information. Amongst the most versatile tools for reaching a broad crosssection of stakeholders, Corporate Brochures provide an effective medium for introducing a company’s history, management policies, philosophy, organizational structure and other relevant business information. Corporate Brochures can also be used to highlight technological capabilities, production facility upgrades, marketing strategies and industry information to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive grasp of the company’s unique position.

In light of the substantial economic and social development taking place overseas, IRC can produce foreign language versions of your Corporate Brochure. By preparing this important document in such pivotal languages as English and Chinese, IRC helps ensure your corporate message is heard around the globe, including important markets such as Beijing and Shanghai.

In preparing your Corporate Brochure, IRC will leverage over 3 decades of proven experience in the production of English language Annual Reports. IRC’s staff of dedicated professionals, including native English-speaking experts, is dedicated to promoting your company’s value with a Corporate Brochure that succeeds with a broad audience.