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Press Releases
Accuracy and speed distinguish IRC’s translation services. This service is underpinned by a unique operational structure in which native English-speaking bilingual translators work in tandem with Japanese translators, professional editors and accuracy checkers to prepare and refine English drafts. The process makes use of past press releases to create an extensive glossary of terms and expressions for each client. This client-specific glossary is employed to achieve linguistic consistency and optimal nuance: yet another way IRC works to contribute value to each client.

PR Magazines and Company Newsletters
Public Relations Magazines are often used in corporate communications. The production of PR Magazines involves wide-ranging, in-depth research and compelling writing regardless of the subject. Naturally, production requires agility, know-how and access to various resources. Boasting extensive experience in PR Magazine production, IRC can manage the entire production process—from planning and research to writing and photo-shooting.

Company Newsletters are an ideal way to instill a common corporate culture and ensure group-wide awareness of essential issues. In today’s globalized business world, it thus comes as no surprise that many corporations are preparing their Company Newsletters in various languages for distribution to overseas employees. IRC can accommodate myriad needs, ranging from full production of Japanese newsletters to translation and language-specific customization. Whether it’s a PR Magazine or Corporate Newsletter, IRC is committed to consistently delivering better-than-expected results.

Ads (Print and Digital)
IRC is also active in the production of print and digital Advertisements, supplying distinctive Ads tailored specifically for placement in media, including the Japanese and overseas financial press. IRC provides Advertisement production services to clients in both the private and public sectors.