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Web Sites

IRC supports clients with comprehensive services, ranging from the new design of corporate Web sites to site renewal. These services are provided through IRC’s subsidiary, IR Ken.

Today, virtually every publicly traded company has its own Web site. No other media places such frequent demands on information updates to offer consistently fresh information. When people around the world want to know something, the first thing they do is access the Web. This prevailing trend means corporate Web sites need to be continuously up-to-date.

Technology surrounding the Web is constantly evolving. Fortunately, IR Ken has placed the pursuit of technology at the core of its business, together with the constant search for worldwide trends in creating increasingly user-friendly Web sites.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Achieving timely disclosure requires frequent updating of corporate Web site data. IRC provides Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow clients to upload their own new data in a format consistent with the rest of the site.

IRC receives high praise from clients for delivering robust CMS that make handling frequent updates routine and manageable. Naturally, IRC also provides service which extends beyond CMS to respond to unique client needs with meticulous care. IRC is committed to providing outstanding content management at exceptional cost performance.

Slow loading or, worse yet, “no loading” Web sites do not instill confidence or foster repeat traffic. IRC utilizes an array of servers designed to stand up to the demands of heavy access and even natural disasters. Constructed with a secure framework, our hosting services enable high-speed access at superior cost performance. IRC can provide an optimum server package designed to meet each client’s particular needs.