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2009-02-26 Bloomberg
NYSE Loosens Listing Standards Amid Crisis   (51KB)
The NYSE will waive the $1 rule and also relax minimum market cap standards to $15 million until June 30, 2009...
2009-02-24 Wall Street Journal
Glass Lewis Takes Aim at Japanese Companies   (37KB)
Citing weak corporate governance, Glass Lewis will recommend that investors vote against the re-election of nearly 90% of CEOs...
2009-02-23 Reuters
Growing Support for IFRS   (76KB)
A recent survey by KPMG indicates support for adopting IFRS amongst U.S. analysts, institutional investors, corporate executives and other reporting professionals...
2009-02-02 NIRI / Bank of New York Mellon
Survey Identifies Global IR Trends   (49KB)
270 companies in 42 countries provide a glance at the most recent Global Trends in Investor Relations, a survey conducted by the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and the Bank of New York Mellon...
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